The Village Work Centre

About Us

We are a protective Work Centre for adults with cerebral palsy/multi disabilities. The Centre commenced in 1984 with 15 workers under the name The Palms Work Centre which was renamed The Village Work Centre when our Centre was amalgamated with Rosedon Work Centre which fell under the auspices of Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association.

In 1953 the Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association (WCCPA) was established to:

"do all things necessary for the care, training, treatment and employment of the cerebral palsied either directly or through any agency, and to encourage, promote and assist in research into all aspects of cerebral palsy."

After meeting the needs of the cerebral palsied in training and education, it became obvious that a protected work centre was required for those young people unable to enter the open labour market due to their disabilities, and out of this need The Village Work Centre was established. Today there are 140 workers enrolled at our Centre.

The majority of these workers come mostly from disadvantaged homes on the Cape Flats, Langa, Manenberg, Lavender Hill, Hanover Park and Mitchell’s Plain, all of whom are transported to and from work each day over a radius of +- 112 kms because they are unable to use public conveyance due to their disabilities. With the support and interest of concerned citizens, businesses and funders, we are able to provide these disabled workers in the community with the opportunity of steady and appreciated jobs as well as regular stimulation and companionship.

In our Assembling Section we do mostly contractual, making up of gift boxes, bundling, promotional packaging, heat sealing, folding, inserting of monthly statements, glueing, cleaning and sorting of hangers, collating, loading of magic beans and also do an offsite contract which consists of pre-packing of assorted nails. We do wheelchair repairs. There is also a small sewing and woodwork section. Goods produced on the premises are sold out of hand at craft markets and at our own fetes.

The Centre is open from 8am – 3:30pm Mondays to Thursdays, Fridays we close at 2:00pm.

In addition to the aid from the State in respect of each worker, the Centre receives a monthly grant from Community Chest, and is further assisted by Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association, under whose auspices the Centre functions.

Each year we set ourselves realistic goals and for this coming financial year we are committed to strive to empower our disabled workers by continuing to provide a job creation environment for them, enabling them to achieve their maximum potential by means of support from businesses and clients, and also with the necessary training from our supervisors

As the majority of our workers come from impoverished homes we are finding that fundraising is becoming increasingly more difficult, with our personnel resources stretched to the limit. We are hoping instead to market our Centre more vigorously with a view to increasing our production, which we are positive will be of greater benefit and reflect a significantly improved bottom line. We also hope to source additional donations.

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